We are living in times of constant change demanding transformations of our collectives and therefore of us, the people forming these collectives. No longer will small amendments do to cope with these constant changes. Globalisation, technology, increasing complexity and interconnectedness drive high velocity changes. The “controllables” of the past rapidly have become the “uncontrollables” of today. This increasing uncertainty of apparent losing control, results in fear, doubt and negativity. We now face the challenge to develop flexibility and resilience instead. We therefore need a steady uniquely authentic compass: our inner compass, our truth, our essence, our purpose, our soul.

Any and all collectives, be it a company, not-for-profit or even a nation will need to develop their new perspective and find a new language to deliver this needed transformation. That’s why we at Parrhesian use our own system of symbols, a new vocabulary to underline the dimensions of the new way of working and living together.


We work with organisations that need support to help their team(s) achieve business aims. Through close collaboration we develop a bespoke service package that offers clients a clear and proven pathway with measurable outcomes along the way.

We challenge when needed, support when required and work in collaborative partnership to achieve often far greater impact personally and at an organisational level than our clients initially expect.


Working with proven academic fundaments and methodology we guide our clients with a mix of:


> Purpose finding

> Executive coaching

> Leadership development

> Team Performance

> Strategic Alignment

> Culture Transformation ​



The keystones for future evolution are: absolute honesty, trust, commitment and accountability. Using tailor-made building blocks, we are leading through the process of creating and maintaining a solid foundation for the growth of the organization


Parrhesian's consultants challenge and support leaders to co-create extraordinarily productive and purposeful organizations by unlocking the unused potential in human efficiency.



Revealing your true soul as an individual or collective requires a number of leading principles. Taken together, we believe they form the cornerstones of a new, integral system. A system based on driving profits via purpose. It is why we use the old Greek concept of Parrhesia as the name of our collective. Parrhesian is derived from the Greek word Parrhesia meaning “Speak your Truth,” courageously and with boldness, openheartedly and for the common good. In more popular translations: walk your true, authentic talk, take a stand and take responsibility for the consequences and implications.

We inspire our collective and those of our clients via these leading principles:

  1. Truth = Trust.
  2. Authentic Commitment & Ownership.
  3. Vulnerability & Courage.
  4. Caring & Co-Creation.
  5. Infinite Abundance.
  6. Both & And Approach.
  7. Firmness & Humility
  8. "Curioneering"
  9. Intensity & Reflection.
  10. Eco-systems & Biomimicry

With these leading principles it is our purpose to help our clients master the new worlds by becoming fully aligned with their authentic self. Only from this alignment are we able to align the purpose and values of our collectives with behaviour, symbols and systems. We at Parrhesian call this: Integral Alignment.




Arno Ruskus possesses a passionate drive to serve organizations and individuals through his extensive multicultural experience and vast knowledge of theories and tools designed to encourage meaningful transformations. His intuitive nature and sensitive approach results in developing a safe haven for the ego, which encourages purpose driven conversation and truth. His breakthrough-focused methods allow clients to realize their purpose and values in an ever-changing global climate, and align them with their behavior to then live with effectiveness and purpose in both life and business. Arno applies a direct, humorous compassionate and containing style, and seeks to create a comfort zone around what typically remains hidden and unspoken. Using a rare blend of his commercial background and a purpose driven spiritual depth, he loves to help clients discover how merging these apparent polarities, can contribute to building evolving cultures for a sustainable existence in an unknown unfolding, new paradigm reality. He is passionate about the psychosomatic wisdom of the human body, energy healing and horse assisted coaching.


Hidde van der Pol focuses on challenging organizations and individuals to reconnect with their true selves to create clarity and higher consciousness in their personal and professional lives. His purpose is to replace outdated ways of thinking with a purpose driven, enlightened approach to every day behaviors and long term goals. His compassionate attitude combined with his encouragement of critical thinking leaves his clients prepared and inspired to take control of their destiny to fulfill their personal and professional dreams. His facilitations and guidance help clients to unwrap the gift of judgments and negativity and transform them into authentic power and creativity.


Andreas Gutjahr has a deep understanding of all roles and perspectives in the field of reorganisation - from executing employee, responsable leader of change and compassionate external consultant and leadership trainer. He supports seeing the big picture, connecting the dots of perspectives with a new vision and revealing existing resources and new success patterns that need to become part of a new cultural intelligence. As a pioneer in working with new ways of collaboration at the workplace, he assists in creating new cultures. He is compassionate in helping clients to transform conflict situations and decision-making processes into creativity and growth. With a good sense of humor and creativity he helps people in increasing their comfort zone and overcoming thresholds. He loves to facilitate strategic workshops in order to find a new future or align brands, products, customers, suppliers and cooperative partners.


Rebecca Watson brings her life experience as a commercial lawyer, management consultant and conscious leadership coach, to her clients. She focuses her attention on the energetic field, to help her clients find organisational solutions, whilst building trusted relationships with each other. Supporting Leaders to raise their levels of consciousness i.e. shift from constant ‘doing’ and stress to operating from a place of inspiration and joy, she helps them create great cultures to work in and gain incredible business results. Believing that we're all just doing our best, she brings a sense of safety, non-judgement and humour to her work.


Vivek Joshi co-creates long lasting solutions for organizations. His belief is that we can achieve the impossible if we go beyond the mind and align ourselves. His thinking is out of the box and he uses both conventional and unconventional methods to get the best results. His unique blend of technological background, managerial experience and spirituality makes his approach lead to highly inspired and at the same time practical solutions. His focus is on self-improvement, leading to greater success and more happiness in all endeavors both personal and professional. His purpose is to help individuals and organizations grow and make the world a better place.

Earl Talbot  

Earl Talbot is inspired by bringing about transformation in his clients; providing robust strategies to help individuals, groups and organisations regain and develop their sense of purpose and effectiveness. Using his experience as a transformational coach and NLP Trainer, Earl employs a subtle yet potent approach to challenge and support clients to tap into their inner wisdom and cultivate self-acceptance. Which helps to create new ways of thinking and behaving, to substantially up their game to the next level. Earl ensures his clients are able to maintain their wellbeing whilst enjoying the experience of fulfilling and meaningful work.



Self and Team


Our current systems have run in a dead end street. We have become stuck in paradox thinking, in an either or situation depending on your perspective. We at Parrhesian do not believe in these apparent opposites. We call them our crossroads of consciousness. Because we think it is not either/or but and/and! It is both and the true challenge lies in finding a proper balance. A balance in which apparent opposites truly connect. That’s what we call integral alignment.


Each of us has his daily dosage of paradoxes or dilemma’s. They are vital to our current modus operandi and we will need to address these crossroads of consciousness to bring across the needed transformations. Neither way on these crossings is right or wrong, nor good or bad. It is not about judging, it is about becoming aware of the directions and making conscious choices on how to respond to these apparent paradoxes. Choices coming from our core self, any response is honest and respectful. To be living our truth, our authentic self implies integrating our truth, values and beliefs.

The next step is to express and act out of Oneness. One individual and one collective irrespective if this is an organisation, institution or even a nation. That is what we call integral alignment with our core truth, our authentic self. With this Integral Alignment of the individual, we have our inner compass to direct us and deliver the required flexibility and resilience of our times.


We live in an era in which Profit has become increasingly important. Materialism, shareholder value, bottom line, personal gain have become the ultimate and only way of measuring success. However, we believe that by doing so we have abandoned our Purpose in life more than ever before.

At the same time, it has been proven that Purpose driven individuals and collectives are far more effective than the merely profit driven ones. Parrhesian beliefs that Purpose drives Profit. The clearer the Purpose, the higher our effectiveness, the more sustainable profits and the bigger the impact we make in our world.


Most of the time we find ourselves having discussions about content, the tasks at hand and whether or not they should be executed. All are matters of what we call the “Task” Dimension. We tend to be less aware of the “Self,” and the “Team” Dimensions, that have a significant impact on the effective and efficient execution of these tasks at hand.

The “Self” Dimension is all about authentic communication and being honest and truthful. The “Team” dimension is all about Effective Relationships and being respectful. Parrhesian pays special attention to the “Self” and “Team” dimensions to increase the levels of Trust and hence, Effectiveness in the Task Dimension. Therefore, we believe an Integral Alignment is crucial for a sustainable and substantial increase of Purpose driven performance.


Our Ego is a kind of safeguard. The Ego tends to express everything in dualities: something is either good or bad, right or wrong. There are only winners or losers. It is always one or the other. By doing so, the Ego has a function as it tries to protect us from being harmed. The Soul though, does not speak to us in dualities, but rather in Oneness. We call this Language of the Soul as it strives to achieve an inclusive, AND & AND approach.

The Ego tends to get in the way of the Soul, and, as we might get hurt, wants to prevent us from living our truth. When Ego takes over we live a life of prejudice, of fear and doubts. This takes away unnecessary energy and we become less effective; both as individuals as collectives (Organisations, Institutions and Nations). Parrhesian guides you in your challenge to align your Ego with your Soul, to bring them both in and and & and balance and thereby achieve higher effectiveness.



Fears are great messengers that can help us progress, if we are only courageous enough to face them. When we do not face our fears they tend to absorb a lot of energy. Yet, without fears there cannot be courage. By facing our fears, being open and vulnerable toward exploring what's at stake, hidden behind these fears, we gain the strength to outgrow them.

It takes courage to face our fears in the ever increasing uncertainties that surround us. Parrhesian guides you in courageously stepping forward into the unpredictable and the uncontrollable by integrating and trusting your inner compass as your true and authentic guide in these times of rapid change.


One of the four Mental Models Parrhesian works with, is The Victim. When in Victim modus, it does not imply one has a bad or negative personality. Everybody sometimes finds himself in victim modus as it is part of the way we have been raised and educated. With mainly best of intentions, first our parents and relatives, then teachers and friends, followed by bosses and colleagues, have influenced the formation of our set of beliefs. The Victim is a Mental Model that finds its roots in the early days of our lives, where we see the traits of not taking unconditional and proactive responsibility of our actions, but operate from a space of guilt, blame, accusations and shame.

At Parrhesian we do not compare nor judge between right or wrong. In our programs we use mirroring and invite to outgrow the victim as it tends to drain energy, to contribute to the creation of productivity leaks and to fuel mistrust in relationships.

Intensity and Reflection

Intensity and Reflection are always interconnected. Each process within the Integral Alignment Programme has its ideal Intensity and speed depending on the need for Reflection. Together with our clients, Parrhesian is always aiming for an effective balance. This co-creation and co-deciding is essential as it takes courage to adjust timelines in order to serve the outcome of the entire project and the development of the people involved.

Truth = Trust

Expressing our authentic Truth in an honest and respectful way, creates Trust. When connected with Honesty it enables us to take a stand for what ́s important to us. Doing so increases Respect between individuals. When Honesty and Respect are honoured, Trust furthermore improves. When Trust improves in relationships, hidden costs in organizations tend to go down, while speed-to-market tends to go up. Trust therefore is an essential element to deliver higher effective sustainable performance.

It takes Courage though, to fully take a stand for our Truth, to be committed to it and to accept its ́ implications and consequences. In our language we call this: Being Parrhesian. It is for this reason that Truth = Trust is one of our Leading Principles.

Triangle of Effectiveness

Through the Triangle of Effectiveness, Parrhesian integrates the three Dimensions of I (Self), We (team) and It (Task) to establish exceptional and sustainable results. A pragmatic and proven model that gives a successful way out of todays ́ inefficient world of high numbers of sick leaves, burn outs and relationships based on mistrust.

Through a conscious connection with truth in the Self Dimension, we strengthen Respect and Authenticity in the We Dimension of Relationships. Encouraging a smooth and constant loop between both, Trust grows significantly, while hidden cost decrease and speed-to-market accelerates.

The Parrhesian Walkabout

A Walkabout is an ancient, ritual passage. A common good in several ancient communities. A well-known community is formed by the Aboriginals. The Aboriginals use the Walkabout to give expression to the passage from puberty to adolescence; A path of personal growth. A journey of connecting with human Essence, with human core Truth. A time of reflection about the role in their community they wish to assume and how they wanted to manifest their contribution.

Parrhesian borrows the ritual of the Walkabout as a symbol of its Integral Alignment Processes.


Each individual and each collective has a Soul. It’s the Essence of their existence. The reason for being. Frequent Reflection enables us to stay in tune with our Soul. The Soul enlights us with insights from our inner compass. These insights help us to stay on course for the manifestation of our Purpose. Parrhesian guides you in your challenge to align your Ego with your Soul, to bring them in balance; and achieve higher effectiveness.

Roadmap for Integral Alignment

Integral Alignment implies alignment of our Essence, with our Purpose, Our Soul, and our behaviour. To organize ourselves and the collectives we live in (Teams, Organisations, Nations) accordingly. Through alignment of Behaviour, Symbolism and Systems, organizational cultures are strengthened. At Parrhesian we seek for Integral Alignment in all our programs as it is the fundament to achieve a sustainable effect. For each client we develop a Roadmap from which we constantly co-deliver a sound balance between the two vital elements of any process: Velocity and Intensity.


Reflection is an art and forms a crucial element in reinventing effectiveness in today's complex world. Leaders that frequently reflect are more effective than leaders that don’t. Parrhesian seeks to help leaders to reflect. Wilderness Leadership Trails and close personal guidance initiate a personal transformational journey that strengthen the (re-)connection with One-Self and lift the effectiveness of collectives.

Reflection in Parrhesian means: take a break, look back and consciously realise how we got where we are and consciously ask oneself where we want to go. We need to take time to reconnect with our values, beliefs and think about our associated behaviour. Question how we take our decisions and make our choices in order to live a purposeful life.


The Player is the opponent of The Victim. As The Player focusses on how he contributes to situations, this Mental Model increases its´ power of his own life and makes himself unconditionally responsible in the face of challenges. As this model maximizes influence on himself and others, it tends to result in an effective leadership style, often encouraging others to assume firmness that characterizes his behavior. Consequently, an attractive Mental Model that tends to achieve high organizational and relational effectiveness levels.

Negativity and Prejudice

Many of our actions, in particular our decisions, are based on prejudice and unchecked assumptions. Increasing our consciousness on how much energy we waste on Negativity and Prejudice, helps us to become more efficient and effective. Knowing this we open up the possibility to always make a conscious choice and rather focus on constructive creativity and authenticity as our drivers. Parrhesian facilitates this proces of becoming consciously aware of the way we make our decisions.


Nature is a powerful source of inspiration. We are all part of nature even though many of us have lost connection with it. In our programs we integrate nature as a main source of inspiration, a source for reconnecting with ourselves and our inner compass. A source for reflection. During these reflections we are able to reconnect with our truths as individuals and as collectives (Organisations, Institutions and Nations). This is the starting point for Integral alignment.

Mental Models

Every human being operates from out of 4 basic mental models: The Victim, the Know-it-all, the Learner and the Player. Each one of us has all 4 mental models. Depending on the situation, the environment and the stress levels we subconsciously put one of the 4 up front. The most effective combination is the one of the Learner and the Player. The values that the Learner and the Player operate by are Humility and Firmness. Becoming aware of your mental models and its characteristics will help you become more effective.


The Learner opposes The Know-It-All. This Mental Models embodies one of today´s scarcest human values: Humility. With curiosity and openness this model is a active listener, looking for consensus and a genuine, longterm win-win outcome. As The Learnes consciously distinguishes between who he is, and what he does, consequently his self esteem is high.


One of the four characters of our mental model is the Know-It-All; the opposing archetype of The Learner. In today ́s organizational world we can recognise this model by raised voices, poor listening skills, an imposing, directive style, while seeking to be right. In general symptoms of a low self esteem. As The Victim, neither the Know-It-All has bad intensions, though both do not contribute to highest possible effectiveness levels. Neither in accomplishing organizational tasks, nor in relationships. Often, deep inside, mainly unconsciously, negative emotions are an important driver.

Integral System

The sum of all cells in the physical body we live in; an highly intelligent Integral System that continuously communicates and constantly mutually influences all its parts. Just as our organs cannot function “stand-alone,” we humans form a bigger “body” that we call teams, organizations and nations. Parrhesian helps individuals to lead and manage from a perspective of Systemic Dimensions; how we can consciously awaken specific Mental Models that improve Synchronicity in what we call The Integral System.

Firmness and Humility

At Parrhesian we work hard to build a sound relationship between these values. Inherent to the truth-telling meaning of the concept of Parrhesia, firmness and humility strengthen and ground the stand we take in life. They are the values that avoid us to fall in arrogance or a state of “knowing-it-all”. Humility keeps us open and curious toward other points of view, innovation and opportunities. Firmness keeps us on track of our purpose and core truth. Firmness comes from an inner authentic power that is fuelled by a deep connection with our norms and values. Resulting in authentic communication and thereby a much higher effectiveness.


Entropy indicates the % of energy leaks in a collective (Organisation, Institution, Nation). In other words the % of energy wasted on negativity, pre-conceived perceptions and limiting values. It is a measure for the lost effectiveness of any collective. As part of the Cultural Diagnostics phase, Parrhesian measures the level of entropy through a Cultural Values Assessment. The level of entropy is an important indicator for developing the tailored elements of the clients Roadmap for Integral Alignment.


Our Ego is our safeguard. The Ego tends to express everything in dualities: something is either good or bad, right or wrong. There are only winners or losers. It is always one or the other. By doing so, the Ego has a function and tries to protect us from being harmed.

The Soul though, does not speak to us in dualities, but rather in Oneness. We call this Language of the Soul that strives to achieve an inclusive,  AND-AND approach.

Parrhesian guides you in your challenge to align your Ego with your Soul, to bring them in balance; and achieve higher effectiveness.


Before we even start with the first phase of our process, our Diagnostics, we thoroughly define and validate the true -and often unseen- drivers to ensure authentic commitment and ownership of the program. Through Reflection, we help the clients-leaders to connect with their core truth and purpose. In case of suboptimal ownership and commitment, or for other valid reasons, when the client seems not to be sufficiently ready to undergo our processes, Parrhesian reserves the right not to engage in a program of transformation.

Once true Commitment and Ownership have been established, we establish a joint Steering Committee that in a co-creative manner, manages and monitors the program. In the Diagnostic Phase; we carefully study our clients ́ DNA, their culture, habits and trends. Together with pragmatic individual and organizational scans and interviews, we build a comprehensive Cultural Diagnostic Report. Strengths, risks and suggestions to accelerate the organizational strategy is then presented to the Steering Committee and the Management Team. Based on these findings and results, a truly original implementation design is validated and signed off before starting with the first phases of the Implementation for Transformation.

Current ways of working

We are living in times of rapid transformation. Globalisation, technology, increasing complexity and interconnectedness drive high velocity changes. The apparent “controllables” of last decades have become the “uncontrollables” of this era. And this causes uncertainty. Uncertainty that results in fear driven, doubtful negativity. Our Egos become more rigid and take over to protect the Self from harm. A higher sense of rigidity make us flee in denser structures in order to try to control what cannot be controlled. Even more rules and regulations. And while more definitions for what is right and wrong appear, we limit ourselves to manoeuvre and end up in a pressure cooker without oxygen for creativity or a window for new perspectives. Deep inside we know that if we let go our controlling obsessions, flexibility and natural resilience will flourish once again. In the Parrhesian processes this moment of realisation will bring relieve and clarity, as we now simply have Certainty about Uncertainty. A highly needed conscious breakthrough that sets free the energy to together evolve towards future ways of working.


Courage is a crucial value for Parrhesian; it is the value that spins off from our Purpose, Soul and Hearts. It is therefore not surprising, that its ́ grammatical root is born from “Cor,” heart in Latin, and later found in “Coeur,” heart in French.

We can simplify the definition of Courage, as Fear + Action. A person that behaves courageously does not mean he or she is free of fears in life. Instead, this person understands fear is a messenger of what personal values are at stake behind the Fear but he or she has the courage to confront these fears and act upon them.

Co & Creation

Firmness and Humility offer an effective platform for co-creation. We need to consciously encourage the Mental Models of The Learner and The Player in our minds, as they are able to co-create, to fully commit and authentically take ownership of our own emerging future. Parrhesian is strongly committed to its Leading Principles and Co & Creation is one of them. This principle is crucial as it helps clients to truly commit and take ownership of their own, unique, tailor-made Roadmap for Integral Alignment.

Authentic Commitment & Ownership

At Parrhesian we believe firmly in the power of Authentic Commitment and Ownership. A Commitment that is in line with our values and Purpose is the only way to ensure lasting Commitment and Ownership of everything we do, accepting the consequences and impact it will have. Taking a stand and walking your true and Authentic talk.


In many occasions us human beings tend to function in Either this, Or that. In a Or-Or Approach.
Our inner Ego Voice tells us to categorize everything in either Good or Bad, Right or Wrong, Winning or Losing; “You are either with us or against us.”

An And-And Approach though leads to more options and alternative solutions. It invites us to co-create and to see opportunities beyond the obvious. With an And-And Approach the Mental Models of the Leaner and the Player awaken and are encouraged to actively participate.


For every situation of change via Integral Alignment, we develop a tailored roadmap. Often we start from the level of entropy, the % of energy wasted on negative and limiting values. We use specific tools and proven concepts to align behaviour, symbolism and systems to strengthen the organisational structures and achieve a sustainable lasting effect. Together with our clients we constantly co-monitor and co-adapt the balance between velocity and intensity. Two important drivers of our programs.

At the heart of our Parrhesian processes lie the following academic fundaments, studies and research:

-  Leadership Level 5 (Good to Great, Jim Collins)
-  Integral System: Peter Senge, Fred Kofman & Ken Wilber
-  Conscious Business: Fred Kofman
-  U-theory: Otto Scharmer, Peter Senge and Joseph Jaworski
-  Systemic Dynamics in Organisations: Bert Hellinger Institute
-  NLP (NLP University, Robert Dilts)
-  True Purpose Finding & Coaching (The True Purpose Institute,
   Timothy Kelley)